SMART@QC (Quality Control)

Products SMART@QC (Quality Control)
SMART@QC (Quality Control)
A solution to efficiently manage and extract data
on Quality Control implemented to produce accurate patient test results
System Overview

What is Quality Control?

  • Quality control manages all factors related to the process before and after the inspection analysis.
  • Through a series of scientific efforts to minimize errors, the reliability and accuracy of test must be implemented and managed. It’s one of the remarkable areas in recent years.

QC System

  • Establish the base for Total Quality Management (TQM) of Diagnosis Inspection Department by Applying ‘3D-1I’
    (3D-1I: integrates the equipment that is largely quality-controlled by Diagnosis Inspection Department, reagents, and the difficulties data management of test results.)
Advangates of the system
  • Self QC prescription and bar code issue system : Good Laboratory Accreditation Items (patient sample method)
  • Application of Westgard Rule/Reference Rate
  • Automation of QC through instrument Interface Program
  • Provide various statistics and analysis materials
Expectancy effects
  • Increase in work efficiency
  • Reinspection reduction → Reagent reduction → Cost reduction
  • Establishment of Internal QC
  • Great laboratory based authentication
  • QC Data Integrated Management (available for qualitative result management)
  • TAT reduction (Turn Around Time)
  • Prepare for every external evaluation and authentication