Smart POCT

System Overview
  • On-site inspection, by quickly obtaining test results and applying them to treatment, is reliable, clinical and useful and economically and efficiently useable for medical resources, while it is essential to build qualitative reliability through thorough analysis and quality control.
  • The ACK POCT solution provides the ability to manage connected POCT equipment, perform quality control of equipment, and provide work efficiency with at-a-glance statistical views of numbers and frequencies.

Point of Care Testing

  • Inspection taken non-central laboratory (On-site Inspection)
Advangates of the system
Expectancy effects

Benefits of SMART POCT

  • Easy to register unregistered patients.
  • Not take a glance of statistics.
  • The management of connected POCT equipment can be done on a single screen.
  • The management of the POCT equipment can be done on a single screen.
  • 수기 검사로 의해 발생할 수 있는 검사항목 추가 및 누락방지로 시약절감 효과 발생
  • 장비의 활용도 극대화