Products RTIS
System Overview


Joint treatment request and patient information of medical treatment system are registered in ACK RTIS. Also able to create patient basic information


Set the course, plan outline, etc. required for patient interview and treatment.


Preparations for radiation treatment are in progress. Set the appropriate posture according to the treatment area and enter and store the Simulation information of the ACK RTIS for correct treatment


Referring to video such as CT, etc. from Simulation stage, plan treatment and set prescription rate through ACK RTIS and store RTP Data through RTP Data (RT,HT,BT) Interface Technology.


Radiation therapy depends on the patient’s progress such as the progression of the disease and is typically repeated five times a week for five to eight weeks. All of the patient’s treatment schedules and implementation results are managed by ACK RTIS and you can check the status of the treatment at any time.
Advangates of the system
Program Processing Speed
3 to 5 times faster than traditional RTIS
Program setting by user
Provides the desired program screen, screen size and USER information settings for each user
Instrument Interface
While the existing RTIS provides a limited beam information interface, ACK RTIS provides an interface to all information generated by the equipment
Composition of professional team members in radiation oncology department
Composition of professional team members for each part, focusing on the team leader who specializes in radiation oncology
Provides repair log function
Provides repair log function of equipment radiation oncology department
24 hours maintenance service
Minimize inconvenience with standby maintenance service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Provide user-specific security
Propose ACK RTIS usage scope for each user rights
Modifying and deleting data is proposed as modified and deleted according to specific rights
Instrument QA
Provide Instrument Daily, Monthly Quality Control Checklist, and enable the use of various QC formats
Expectancy effects
  • Improve your work and treatment environment through efficient system management
  • Increase in work efficiency with fast and accurate data lookups
  • Accurate treatment through the interface of radiotherapy instrument
  • Reduce manpower and time with optimal treatment information

  • ACKRTIS usage range proposal for each user rights, modification and deletion of data is proposed according to specific rights
  • Provides the desired program screen, screen size, and USER information setting functions for each user
  • Composition of professional team members for each part, focusing on the team leader who specializes in radiation oncology department