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RIS : MEDI@CK™ – Nuclear Medical Information System
RIS refers to a form that establish sample test management of nuclear medicine department into an automated computing environment. With introduction of RIS, it is a solution provider that can be utilized conveniently, swiftly and accurately for sample management, divided sample management, connection with computer system of inspection results of equipment and Quality Control
*RIS : Radiological Information System
System Overview

Sample reception

  • A system that records nuclear medicine samples by work number and generates a divided work bar code

Result management by WL

  • A system that can manage their results by creating a list with the number of jobs created
Advangates of the system
  • Provide a powerful admin mode for users to operate on their own
  • Automatic Division Label System: Function to automatically output the divided label on a sample reception
  • Systematic management of inspection information and calculation of various statistics and reports
  • RIS + ACK@IF: Manage re-inspection and reduce reagents
  • Integrated blood collection can be linked with the Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Create WorkList to manage results by work number during that period
  • Minimize unnecessary bar code management by outputting the divided bar code during reception
  • Results management system for each inspection item can check only the desired result types
  • Minimize missing work results with management of work numbers
Expectancy effects
  • Increase in speed and work efficiency
  • Deliver high-quality medical service to patients by reducing the time derived from test results (TAT)
  • Multiple levels of results verification system ensure and strengthen the accuracy of inspection results, etc.
  • Refer to LIS System Expected Effectiveness
  • Prevent patient sample omissions and work omissions