Instrument interface

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System Overview
After extracting the prescription information of relevant department from the hospital system (OCS/HIS/EMR, etc.) through Instrument Interface Program, Patient information and order details by equipment are passed to be inspected and test results after completion are automatically sent back to the hospital system through the instrument interface program.
  • The screen that receives and outputs the result data call from the instruments, inquires by result, and stores it in the local database.
  • There is an inspection item setting functions that allows you to set decimal places for each examination and the unit of value for judgment based on the AMR setting.
  • You can also set up a field setting, and local data erasure period.

Instrument Interface System

Advangates of the system
  • Optimal solutions based on End User Computing are provided by considering the characteristics (development tools, OS and DB) of each hospital
  • Real Time Bi-Direction Interface Implementation by Host Query
  • Repetect through Interface
  • Management of something with anomaly (Delta/Panic): Check and output something with anomaly
  • Provides statistics by inspection result register and inspection item
  • Inspection result editing function and automatic calculation formula application
  • Flag Interface provided by the inspection device
  • Local DB Storage Function by User Defined
  • Provide quality control program (Westgard Rule application) and QC DATA automatic interface (Option)
Expectancy effects
  • Increase in speed and work efficiency
  • Provide high-quality medical service to patients by reducing the time derived from the test results (TAT)
  • Secure and strengthen the accuracy of inspection results with multi-level result verification system
  • Reagent reduction effect is generated by adding inspection items and preventing omission that may be caused by handwriting inspection
  • Maximize utilization of equipment