EMR Interface

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System Overview


  1. EMR INTERFACE analyzes test results of numerous instruments to examine patients in the medical treatment department, and it delivers them to EMR System.
  2. The output of inspection equipment of medical treatment department is imaged and sent to EMR System. So, EMR Interface make job efficiency maximize.
  3. It inputs the result value into numerical value management system

EMR INTERFACE monitor apparatus for patients’ group (A TYPE)

Check interlocking

Monitoring patient monitoring system

Advangates of the system

Share test information

  • Able to compose text results with result value in real time
  • Time reduction of medical treatment because it delivers test results to the clinic in real time

Image composition

  • Able to make the output image and compose with result value
  • Productivity improvement with automation of OCR handwork system

Image serial equipment results

  • Able to image test results of the equipment that supports serial communication
  • Productivity improvement with automation of result value handwork system

Interlock with numerical value of a medical checkups center

  • Automatic interlocking with test results by communicating with the server that manages EKG
  • Provide the rapid test results through automatic interlocking EK results with received prescription

Efficient resource management

  • Able to EMR interface with database according to the period, without additional database establishment
  • Able to implement the efficient server resource with the access to web database from the computer in the laboratory
Expectancy effects

EMR Equipment user side

  • Productivity is doubled with rapid and accurate business handling
  • Cost cutting with imaging EMR resulting output papers
  • Accuracy with automatic result input into the numeric value management system

Medical treatment deparment user side

  • Medical treatment productivity increases from rapid and accurate EMR Interface
  • Information literacy maximization of EMR equipment results of medical treatment department