BBMS Blood Bank

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System Overview

Blood donation magement

  • Management system for blood donation

Storing and releasing management

  • Storing management in a blood bank for blood donation and releasing management for a prescription for a blood transfusion

Cross-matching registration and blood type management

  • Results management and input system for an examination related to a blood bank and for a transcription for blood transfusion

Storing/releasing and disposal management

  • History and statistics management for storing/ releasing and disposal of a blood
Advangates of the system
  • Simplification and transparency of blood storing/releasing with Barcode System
  • According to business characteristic, the system with separate blood transfusion/ blood donation/ blood bank inspection areas
  • Real-time blood inventory management system
  • Provide various statistics and information
  • Able to apply to ‘Double Test’ System which is a critical item of external authentication
  • Blood state management simplicity through phased history management of blood
  • Statistics risk management of blood suited to users’ viewpoint
Expectancy effects
  • All history management of blood from storing to releasing – prevention of medical malpractice
  • Able to operate the administration system for a patient with side effect for blood
  • Blood inventory management system with introduction of Prep prescription system
  • Through management of a prescription of a blood transfusion that is easy to be missing
  • (Korean Red Cross Blood Bank) Connection to BBS
  • Data accuracy between EMR/OCS and wards/outpatient clinic