Kontrola diagnostiky LIS

Produkty Kontrola diagnostiky LIS
Přehled systému

Systém LIS

  • Systém správy dárcovství krve
Advangates of the system

Nonstop System(MEDI@CKTM LIS + ACK@IF + Barcode System)

  • Business simplification
  • Produce rapid and accurate results – Significant TAT reduction
  • Noticeably reduced all kinds of errors from handwritten work

LIS Solutions implemented through extensive experiences of customer website

  • MEDI@CK™ Series – Possess professional LIS Highest Reference in Korea
  • Interlocking and establishment of TLA(Total Laboratory Automation) System
  • Connection to Auto Label System
  • Provide intuitive GUI(Graphic User Interface)

Through management, various statistics and reports calculation of inspection information

  • Provide analysis data of operation of the laboratory with periodical statistics
  • Able to secure searching under various conditions, thesis and management data
  • Support for basic and TQM data of laboratory operation guidelines such as TAT and number of cases

Specialized professional LIS that is easy to achieve all kind of certification – QC Program(ACK@QC)

  • Elemental composition of certification achievement of all kinds of QC such as KSCP(The Korean Society of Clinical Pathologists), CAP(College of American Pathologists), etc.
  • A comprehensive verification system can be implemented by creating the basis for obtaining a good laboratory certification system

Proven flexibility across websites, including university hospitals

  • Ensure seamless integration of existing and future systems
  • Provide the guidelines for hospital information standards

Reliability and Scalability

  • Natural upgrade with add-on module purchase
  • Trusted Disaster Recovery Measures

Intuitive user interface that brings natural harmony between tasks and IT

Professional LIS Solution that includes all the necessary tasks of Diagnosis Inspection from backup prescriptions to quality control

Expectancy effects

Rapid task handling (standardization of work, minimization of work traffic)

  • Create an infrastructure environment of a high-quality and patient-oriented medical service -> Increases in the number of inspections that commensurate with the increases in the number of patients in medical treatment
  • TQM and business improvements increase the use of expensive inspection equipment
  • Minimize business hours with redesign of business process
  • Systemic History Management of Inspection Information -> Prevention of omission of the medical fees
  • Provide diagnostic inspection results and information -> Induce and increase additional prescription by the medical departments
  • Establish the basis of external authentication (Service assessment of medical institutions, authentication of great laboratory, etc.)

Establishment of the day of inspection processing system

  • Operation of the day of inspection processing system and expansion of the day of inspection items
  • Significant TAT reduction
  • Multiple levels of automatic result verification system ensure accuracy and stability of test results
  • Various examination result of inquiries and History are provided